Greens dismayed at rise in greenhouse gases.

27 November 2019

The Green Party has responded to the news that greenhouse gases have continued to rise by attacking the shortsighted attitudes of the UK and global governments.

If Not Now...When?

24 November 2019

The Green Party’s General Election manifesto is a blueprint for turning around the climate emergency and building a fairer and more inclusive society.

Widespread and disruptive flooding is becoming the new normal as the Climate Emergency gains pace.

18 November 2019

Floods have always happened, what is changing is both the frequency of flooding and its impact on communities and infrastructure. ‘Extreme weather events’ are becoming a new normal. Flooding is now imposing increasing costs on local authorities and households - costs that in the era of public austerity have been difficult to meet.

‘Climate Change is affecting us now’ say High Peak Greens

01 August 2019

In a statement issued after last weeks’ record July temperatures, and the weekend’s flooding the High Peak Green Party stated that global climate change is beginning to affect the local weather and cause disruptions to our daily lives.

Green Party calls for Car Free Days across region

27 July 2019

World Car Free Day is on the 22nd September - The East Midlands Green Party calls for this to be supported by Councils across the East Midlands Region.

Greens call for Law to stop Environmental Destruction

06 May 2019

Green Party European Election candidates in East Midlands have signed a European Citizens Initiative petition calling for the EU to enact a Directive to make Ecocide an international crime.

European Candidates Announced

26 April 2019

The Green list will be headed by Kat Boettge from Nottingham, who also stood in the last Euro- elections in 2014. Second will be Gerhard Lohmann-Bond of South Lincolnshire who is the Greens regional coordinator. Also on the list are Liam McClelland, Daniel Wimberley and Simon Tooke.


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