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Greens celebrate record success in East Midlands local elections

New Green Councillors for SKDC - Vanessa Smith (with son Wilbur), Patsy Ellis, and Rhys Baker

Green Parties across the East Midlands have secured 21 new seats and defended 11 seats, bringing the total number of councillors elected in the region on 4th May to 32.

Significant gains have been seen in areas with previous Green representation, as a sign of widespread approval of the effectiveness of Green Councillors in defending residents’ interests.

The Greens have also seen breakthroughs in the 4 key areas of Erewash, North East Derbyshire, East Lindsey and South Kesteven bringing green representation onto those councils for the first time.

Rachael Hatchett, joint regional coordinator of the East Midlands Greens congratulated the 21 local parties on their hard work, and thanked the hundreds of candidates who stood across 35 different local authorities:

“Our key breakthroughs in the East Midlands show that people are beginning to see that the Green Party does things differently to the other parties, by putting local people and our environment first.”

The decision to elect so many new Greens to local councils follows a long campaign by Green candidates, volunteers and activists, who sought to appeal to voters who wish to see real action taken on pressing local issues.

Rachael went on to say:

“We could not be more delighted with the results. It represents an important step in local communities coming together to stand up against status quo parties who have shown themselves incapable of tackling the pressing issues that residents really care about”

The Green Party’s record gains nationally have been widely recognised as an inspiring sign of the popular appeal of Green policies in advance of the general election expected in 2024.

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