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South Holland and The Deepings - Martin Blake

Martin Blake

As a long-standing resident of South Holland and the Deepings, who has been campaigning here for years and working with community organisations, I bring a wealth of local knowledge to the role of parliamentary candidate.

In this low-lying constituency we’re especially vulnerable to climate change. Rainfall here is projected to increase by at least 14%. Rising sea levels threaten the survival of some communities. We have until 2030 to avoid catastrophe.

We urgently need a Green New Deal based around:

  1. Investing in renewable energy production, phasing out fossil fuels, ending fracking, introducing a Carbon Tax and improving energy efficiency to make our economy carbon-neutral by 2030, creating millions of green jobs.
  2. Introducing proportional representation so everyone's vote counts, replacing the House of Lords with an elected second chamber, and giving 16- and 17-year olds the vote.
  3. Resolving Brexit by putting the final decision back to the people. We're better-informed now about what Brexit will mean, and we know that Donald Trump has his eyes on our NHS. The Green Party would campaign to remain in a reformed EU.
  4. Diverting funds from vanity projects like HS2 into renewing our whole public transport network.
  5. Tackling poverty by replacing our unfair benefits system, including Universal Credit, with a Universal Basic Income, payable to all UK residents.

Only the Green Party has the policies, and the will, to turn things around. We’ve always been on the right side of history. If ever there’s a time to vote Green, it's now.