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South Derbyshire - Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker

I have always been alarmed about what we are doing to the planet since I was a teenager but assumed the powers that be would sort it out. Forty years later the voices of reason were not able to shout louder than the voices of greed. Now I have been motivated to take action and to stand as a candidate by numerous amazing role models in the Green Party and across the world. I have been inspired by many young people like Greta Thunberg.

I am standing because I wanted to have the option to vote for the Green Party which I have been a proud member of for 8 years. I wanted to vote with my heart and not tactically. I feel that our only hope to avert a major climate crisis is to vote Green, and now, not in five years time after Brexit” gets done but in this election now. So we need proportional representation and we need to have a People’s Referendum. The Greens offer that.

The Greens are the only ones brave enough and creative enough to advocate for a Green New Deal that puts people and planet first. That looks to social justice and wellbeing as our goals. That keeps us connected to the earth and nature acting as a respectful part of the ecosystem. That encourages us to act with compassion for each other as equals.