Barney Smith

Barney Smith has been active in the Green Party for 20 years and hopes to double the Green Party vote in Selly Oak from 3% to 6%.

He grew up in a Quaker and Socialist family. He studied geography at Liverpool Universtiy and went on to a career in Town Planning gaining MRTPI in 1975 while working at Liverpool City Planning Department.

In 1976 he went to the Quaker College in Selly Oak Birmingham to study politics from the background of Christianity and Quakerism. He was dissatisfied with the failure of socialism to address both the issue of the corrupting nature of power and the drive to increase material consumption in a limited planet with expanding population. Socialism still fails to address these.

He discovered a political philosphy which he eventually found echoed by the Green Party and joined in 1985 in Dorchester Dorset where he had moved to be Warden of the Quaker Meeting House.

He was the leading activist in West Dorset Green Party being elected onto the Dorchester Town Council in 1991.

He moved back to Birmingham in 1999 to care for the garden at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and became active in Birmingham Green Party.

Barney Smith studied and then worked in Town Planning in Liverpool over an eleven year period. He worked as a warden and gardener while his children were young and then worked in the Land Registry for 10 years.

He stood for County, District and Town Councils in Dorset being elected and serving for 4 years as a Town Councillor. Stood for City and Parliamentary elections for Selly Oak in Birmingham.

Barney is particularly interested in Green economics and agriculture.