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Nottingham South - Cath Sutherland

Cath Sutherland

I stood as a candidate for the Green Party because the climate crisis that is unfolding across the world urgently needs addressing, nothing is more important to our future. Only the Green Party gives priority to saving our natural world and food supplies and trying to keep climate stability.

But I also believe in the Green Party because it is totally committed to a caring society with a strong welfare state, the chance of a decent life for everyone, equal opportunities, housing for all and a basic minimum standard of living as a guaranteed safety net.

I also fully support the Green Party's demand for a People's Vote on  leaving the EU now that we better understand the real consequences of leaving.  The Greens will campaign to remain and reform the EU as a full member.  I believe that leaving would be a terrible mistake  at a time of growing international tension

A just and caring society can hold together and co-operate to deal with difficulties and change.