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Northampton South - Scott Mabbutt

Scott Mabbutt - Northampton South


“I’m standing as a Green candidate in this election because I think the Climate Emergency is the primary issue facing humanity and deserves the full intellectual bandwidth of our government.

I joined the Greens in 2015 as I was distinctly unimpressed with the options on offer and the way politics was being conducted. The Green Party not only had radical policies, but combined direct action with positive campaigning. I lived in a marginal seat at the time and didn’t feel comfortable voting for a party I didn’t want to, to keep out a party I wanted less. The Green Party seeks to address this by making votes count with proportional representation.

I work in the NHS and see every day the effect of poverty, underfunding, poor housing, pollution. The Green Party has a sensible plan to tackle all of these.

Further to our Climate Justice agenda our Universal Basic Income is a flagship policy that works to end poverty, make work pay by ending means testing and acknowledge the unpaid work in our economy. The more I read about it, the more reasons I have to wax lyrical about it!.

 Even without representation I have seen great work done by local activists from recognising poor air quality and campaigning against the building of incinerators to organising litter picks and reducing single use plastics. I honestly feel a single green voice makes a bigger impact that more of the same. Electing Greens will get more of us who are used to working hard against the odds.”