Little Was Learned From The Iraq War

1 February 2012

Looking for Nukes?With hundreds of thousands dead, many more maimed, cost to UK taxpayer of £9 billion, and a country left poor and divided, it seems little was learned from the Iraq war.

Now, just nine years on, public psyche is manipulated with the same WMD rhetoric and propaganda against Iran.   That they believe our memories are so short epitomises the contempt those in power have for the public.

In the seventies Soviet bloc controlled media was mocked, yet now there are moves toward internet censorship, while the Iranian news channel, Press TV, is forced off air.  Investigative journalism is replaced by pseudo-news sourced from agencies controlled by the Western corporate structure.  Journalists are afraid to rock the boat. Faith in integrity of national mainstream media withers.

A terrorist event to pin on the 'enemy' might suit the warmongers well to consolidate public opinion ready for war. But is Iran the threat, with no evidence of nuclear weapons despite numerous inspections, or is the threat from an imperialistic invasion force hell bent on controlling the oil? The US and allies have maimed people, poisoned swathes of land with depleted uranium weapons and provided Israel with an arsenal of weaponry including vast nuclear capability. Nuclear accidents, weapons and testing have polluted the land, sea and air contributing to soaring worldwide cancer rates yet it seems shadowy powers happily provoke nuclear conflict. Iran's Ahmadinejad is mis-quoted as saying he wishes to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth, yet hardly reported by Western media, Daniel Pipes, an advisor to Netanyahu, stated that the Israeli PM should "threaten to use nuclear weapons against Iran."

Economic sanctions, the same tactic preceding the Iraq war to weaken it for invasion, will only hurt ordinary Iranians. A 2001 study by the Red Cross states the civilian-to-soldier death ratio in war since mid-20th century is 10 to 1.

How does the East Midlands fit into the equation? Locally and nationally we suffer austerity measures and cuts yet billions materialise to fund murder, maiming and resource robbery of other nations. Our tax funds such folly and without public consent, our good name as British citizens is muddied by association with such evil.

To defend our shores is fair play, but the threat comes from within, from those who send our soldiers to fight their corporate conflicts across the globe. The trouble is the whole world pays the price as the fall-out not only metaphorically, but could quite literally bring a new dark age stealing the future from us and our children.

Shaun Walton.

East Midlands Green Party.

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