Vote Green for a Raise in Pensions and Wages

2 May 2010

£170 PensionThe Green Party will raise the state pension to £170/week for a single person, £300 for a couple and increase the minimum wage to £8.10/hour.

We will also abolish student tuition fees and invest much more on youth services.

However, it's clear that to achieve these and other spending commitments as well as halve the public deficit by 2013 we need to raise taxation. Our costed manifesto shows a clear path to changing Britain for the better.

The three main parties are all the same and none has explained the holes in their budget plans. At least with the Green Party you get honesty up front and not a nasty surprise on May 7th.

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We stand for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that.  We think ‘Fair is Worth Fighting For' on many issues including:

Community - Greens campaign to revitalise our communities and want to save public services from cuts.

Education - We would ensure education is free, including school meals.

Environment - Greens will make it easier to recycle and compost household waste and help you reduce your waste.

Transport - We will prioritise schemes for pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail travel.

Health -  Greens want publicly run care that is properly funded, free at the point of use for all.