Save the Hunt Ban

17 August 2010

Join the 18th September National Day of Action!

Hunting Foxes

The East Midlands Green Party is supporting Protecting Animals in Democracy (PAD) who are fighting to save the hunt ban, which is under threat from the Conservative-led Coalition Government. Please join with us in the East Midlands to defend this landmark piece of animal protection legislation.

The vast majority of people in Britain are appalled by gratuitous cruelty to animals and believe that the hunting of foxes, stags, hares and other wildlife should remain consigned to history. However, the Coalition Government has confirmed that the House of Commons will be offered the opportunity to ‘express its view' on repeal of the Hunting Act, through a vote on a parliamentary motion. It is imperative that a majority of MPs vote against any such motion to return to cruelty. Repeal of the Hunting Act would mark a barbaric and backward step for our society.

Contrary to pro-hunt propaganda the Hunting Act is an important, historic piece of legislation which protects animals, and which - with over 130 convictions - is workable and enforceable. Indeed, the Hunting Act has already been used to obtain more convictions than other wildlife legislation such as the Badgers Act or the Deer Act.

This law is a significant step forward in terms of reducing society's indifference to animal cruelty. The historic importance of the hunt ban is shown by the urgency with which groups such as PAD, Animal Aid, VIVA! and the Hunt Saboteurs Association have come together under Brian May's SAVE-ME banner to campaign to save the Hunting Act 2004. They are also in contact with and are complementing the work of the League, the RSPCA and IFAW who led the parliamentary campaign that banned hunting with hounds.

It is impossible to tell when the Government will start the process to repeal the Hunting Act. Therefore the SAVE-ME ‘federation' has decided we need to get active as soon as possible and are sponsoring an urgent National Day of Action on Saturday 18th September.

It was the constant pressure of public opinion over many years that finally defeated the small but highly influential and ‘well-connected' blood sports lobby. Now, we need your help on September 18th to alert the public to the looming danger and empower them to speak out, especially to their MPs who will take the final decision over the future of Britain's foxes, hares and deer.

PAD Recommended Candidate43 MPs completely supported PADs VOTE4ANIMALS 2010 manifesto during the General Election, including Caroline Lucas, and many Green prospective parliamentarians also did and were backed by PAD because of their commitment to helping save animals from cruelty; including Marcus Rock and Jonathan Hornett in the East Midlands.  The Green Party have by far and away the strongest animal protection policy according to PAD.

Can you hold a street campaign stall on 18th September? The SAVE-ME federation is producing campaign postcards and posters for the 18th September Day of Action. You can order them from PAD by emailing

Please also contact us to let us know what you have planned by emailing

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