Green Party Condemn Tory Billboards

10 December 2010

Tory Climate Change ScepticToday, the East Midlands Green Party have condemned the billboards that have been posted up around the region by Conservative MEP Roger Helmer. The billboards designed to deny climate change allegedly cost the EU taxpayer £9,000 according to the Guardian (see previous story).

Beth Hewis, spokesperson for the East Midlands Green Party said, 'These billboards are a complete and utter waste of money. Mr Helmer talks about wasting money on tackling climate change but then spends £9,000 on these absurd billboards. This money could actually have been better spent on insulating the lofts of nearly 40 homes across the East Midlands and reducing peoples energy bills by £145 per annum'.

The Green Party want to see a move away from a fossil fuel based economy and want more investment in energy efficiency measures not only in homes but in public buildings across the U.K. The Party is committed to promoting the 3 R's - Remove, Reduce and Replace (Remove demand by stopping carbon intensive activity and making things carbon zero, Reduce demand by promoting energy efficiency measures and Replace fossil fuels with renewables). The Green Party want a government commitment to obtain 50% of the U.K's energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.

Beth Hewis, said of the billboards, 'these adverts are short sighted and show the Conservative Party's lack of commitment in tackling climate change, it is shameful to see the lengths that Mr Helmer goes to in denying climate change'.

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