If Not Now...When?

24 November 2019


At the heart of the manifesto is the Green New Deal, a costed economic plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030.  This involves 100% renewable energy, greater energy efficiencies including the countries housing stock.  The plan also calls for a switch from private to public transport with the creation of a properly integrated and affordable transport system so that all homes are within a short distance of a transport link.

Farmers will be helped to change their businesses so that they can lower carbon and methane emissions and restore a healthy ecology to their land.  There will be a switch to human food production to release low grade grazing land for the restoration of natural capital, locking up carbon, for flood control and outdoor recreation.

Greens plan to support the manufacturing sector to rebalance the economy away from an unhealthy reliance on the finance sector.  The transition economy presents big opportunities to develop energy efficient recyclable goods for global energy, construction and domestic markets.  Taking these opportunities requires research, training, innovation and investment with government at all levels taking a lead.

A zero carbon economy must be set in the context of a fair and healthy society.  The equality and opportunity gap will be closed to enable all people to live fulfilling healthy lives.  Barriers to education will be removed to equip people to cope with a changing world.  The NHS will be restored to a health service for all.  People will be brought closer to the governance of their communities and country through political reforms.

This programme is intended to address the reality of climate change and ecological breakdown and also to meet the legitimate needs and expectations of people.  It will necessitate economic reform and will address the growing inequalities that mar our country.

It is not possible to sort out an emergency by carrying on as before.  Parliament and half of all Councils have declared a Climate Emergency.  This requires sustained action and focusing the resources required to meet the emergency.  To decarbonise by 2030 will cost £100 billion over 10 years.  The UK has the wealth to do this.  By doing this we can finish the job that the industrial revolution started, showing the world how to build a sustainable and fair economy.

We can do this, the only blockage to success is us collectively putting off action yet again, refusing the leadership role, looking backwards to some fabled golden age instead of forward to building a better world for all. 

If not Now….When?



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