‘Climate Change is affecting us now’ say High Peak Greens

1 August 2019

In a statement issued after last weeks’ record July temperatures, and the weekend’s flooding the High Peak Green Party stated that global climate change is beginning to affect the local weather and cause disruptions to our daily lives.  

High Peak coordinator Jane Reynolds said: ‘Extreme weather events are set to become more frequent and these will affect our lives.  Both heat and storms can cause transport disruptions. Flooding affects property and food production pushing up costs. The Government has been warned that heat related deaths are set to treble by 2050.’ 

The World Meteorological Organisation has said that the heatwaves across Europe ‘bear all the hallmarks of climate change’.  The WMO says that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more intense, ‘it is not a problem that is going away’ they say.

The Green Party is now working with HIgh Peak Borough Council to declare a Climate Emergency.  This follows a declaration of emergency by the UK Parliament in May. So far over 100 Councils in England have declared Climate Emergencies.

Speaking about the importance of declaration of a Climate Emergency Green Councillor Joanna Collins said: ‘This declaration will require that the Council review all policy areas to reduce carbon emissions and to address the possible impacts of climate change.

The Declaration will set a date for the Borough Council to become carbon neutral.  It will encourage the Council to work with other organisations and community groups to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and to implement the carbon reduction targets.  It will also enable the Council to apply pressure on Central Government to provide funding for schemes designed to help reduce carbon emissions.’


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