Green Party Support Surges in East Midlands

20 May 2019

A new poll by YouGov and Datapraxis shows that support for the Green Party is growing in all regions of the UK with the party nationally on 11%, ahead of the Conservatives and closing on Labour on 15%.

The poll has collected voting intentions from all the regions of the UK. It shows that in East Midlands, the Greens are on 10, just 2% behind the Conservatives. Commenting on the figures, Kat Boettge, the Greens lead candidate in the regions said, "These figures do not surprise me. We are getting a very positive response from people on the campaign trail and we are seeing the strong surge of support from the local elections maintained."

For the Greens there is everything to play for and the huge prize of a seat in the European Parliament. Kat Boettge went on to say: "We are within striking distance of taking a seat and giving the region the strong green voice in the European Parliament that it needs."

The closing days of campaigning will decide whether the fifth seat in the region goes Green. Gerhard Lohmann-Bond, second on the Green list said: "The fifth seat is between the Greens, Conservative or the Brexit party. It is Greens who have the stronger policies that the region needs to revitalise the economy, protect our countryside and counter the dangers of Climate Change. For the good of the region it is important to return a Green MEP."

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