Green Party Deputy Leader visits Nottingham

19 May 2019


Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack visited Nottingham on Thursday to support the party’s campaign in the European Elections. Speaking during a leafleting walkabout in the Old Market
Square, she said that she was finding a surge in support for the Green Party across the country. "What I am hearing is that people are getting seriously concerned about the impacts and effects of Climate Change. Young people are worried about their future, but also parents and grandparents are sharing these concerns about what sort of world thay will be handing on to their children and grandchildren."

Campaigning along side the Greens lead candidate Kat Boettge, Womack went on to acknowledge the gains that the party has made in the local elections. "Across the East Midlands Greens have made gains in Councils for the first time. While the other parties dither we offer a clear and honest programme and people are supporting us."


Referring to the European campaign Kat Boettge said that this election was not a referendum but a choice about the policies the different parties would follow. "We have campaigned for a referendum on the deal, whenever this is known, since 2016. We want to remain and to be able to work with our European allies to find good solutions to the big problems we all face. Now is not the time to walk away, now is the time to stand together and build a better worls for all and for the future."


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