Greens find strong support in Derby

12 May 2019

Greens campaigning in Derby on Saturday in support of their European Election campaign, found strong support for the Green Party and their environmental message.

Lead candidate Kat Boettge said  ‘I have never experienced such positive pro-Green support as I have seen today in Derby. This is because we are campaigning to remain  and also because of our urgent environmental message. Support for the Greens is growing in the polls following our excellent local election results.

‘People are getting concerned about the damage we are doing to our environment. It is the EU that is leading the fight against both pollution and climate change through its Directives.  These are matters that need to be tackled on a big scale, pollution knows no borders and we all share a common environment.’

Greens found that  air pollution was a top concern among people they spoke to in central Derby, coupled with worries over Climate Change.  

Air quality in Derby was found to be below the EU legal limit in 2015 and the EU took the UK Government to court in 2018 over its failure to improve air quality in urban areas.  Derby City Council submitted its plan to reduce air pollution to the Government in March 2019.

The Greens are campaigning to remain in the EU.  They currently have three MEPs and are looking to increase this number in the European election of 23rd May.

‘Our message is to remain and reform.  The EU is not perfect but neither is Westminster.  Big issues like climate change, global trade and building a sustainable economy need international agreements and good relations between countries.   Greens believe in cooperation and will work with our international partners to find solutions to the problems that are affecting people’s lives and well being.’


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