Greens call for Law to stop Environmental Destruction

6 May 2019

Green Party European Election candidates in East Midlands have signed a European Citizens Initiative petition calling for the EU to enact a Directive to make Ecocide an international crime. 

Ecocide is the widespread, long-term and severe damage or destruction of ecosystems.

Ecocide was to have been included in the list of international crimes against humanity, but in 1996 the UK Government helped to block its inclusion.  British barrister Polly Higgins took up the cause and in 2010 she brought the proposal back to the United Nations. 

Following Polly Higgins untimely death last Sunday, campaigners for peace and justice have vowed to maintain her work to give legal protection to the Earth’s ecosystems.

On signing the petition Kat Boettge, the Greens lead candidate in the East Midlands, said,

‘Ecosystems are our life support on Earth.  Wilful destruction of these systems is an attack on the well being of us all and should be seen as a crime.

‘Polly Higgins worked tirelessly to give the Earth a legal status.  It is in the interest of all people and life on Earth that her work is continued and that this legal status is finally recognised.  If elected, I will work with European Greens to get Ecocide finally recognised as a crime against peace and humanity. I call on all who want to live in a world of peace and justice to back this petition’s call for action.’’ 

Sign the petition here

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