European Candidates Announced

26 April 2019


East Midlands Green Party has selected its list of candidates for the 2019 European Elections.

The Green list will be headed by Kat Boettge from Nottingham, who also stood in the last Euro elections in 2014. Second will be Gerhard Lohmann-Bond of South Lincolnshire who is the Greens regional coordinator. Also on the list are Liam McClelland, Daniel Wimberley and Simon Tooke.

Lead candidate Kat Boettge said: ‘Brexit will dominate this campaign and it is very important for us to sort out our long term relationship with Europe. Other parties will treat this election as a referendum on Brexit ignoring the very real problems that lead to Brexit. People are suffering from the effects of austerity and feeling cut off from politics. We are now seeing the effects of climate change that will affect the quality of life for many starting with the most vulnerable in society. These are the issues that Greens will bring into the European elections. These are the issues that Elected Greens will bring to Parliaments and Council chambers to find solutions that will benefit us all for now and for the future.

The UK will go to the polls on Thursday 23rd of May to elect its representatives to the European Parliament unless the country has left the EU before that date.

The East Midlands elects 5 members of the European Parliament by means of a proportional system of voting. Because of this, the Greens believe that they have a good chance of having a member of their list elected this time. They currently have 3 members of the European Parliament, representing London, South East and South West England. 

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