Would you become a Green Party Candidate in the May Elections?

9 March 2017

Candidates“We want to see an amazing set of results for the Green Party in the local elections. We know that people want to vote to make their local area fairer and more sustainable, and they can only do that if there’s a Green Party candidate on the ballot paper, so urge local parties to stand in every seat they can and really support their County target seats. Strong local elections results are also the main building block for potential one off alliances in parliamentary elections to help create a majority for electoral reform – giving people every possible opportunity to vote Green is how we increase the grassroots demand for a different kind of politics.” - Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley – Co-Leaders, Green Party of England and Wales

In our region we already have candidates actively campaigning in the target seats, where they have a serious chance of being elected because of the hard work they and their local party activists have been putting in over the last months and years. And to support their chances we need as many other candidates to stand as possible. That means we need YOU!

We need as many members as possible to stand in the local elections this May and it would be a huge contribution if you would step forward and be one of them.

What does being a non-target candidate mean?

You will be a candidate on the ballot paper giving people the chance to vote Green but will not be campaigning actively in the area you stand in.  All our electoral efforts like delivering leaflets and knocking on doors to speak to voters, will be concentrated in our target seats.

As a non-target candidate, you are very unlikely to get elected as you won’t be campaigning.  However, just having Green candidates like you on the ballot paper demonstrates that we are significant and a truly national party, so increasing our chances of national media coverage, and drives up our overall vote. And the BBC assess whether to include Greens in local political coverage if the local party is standing candidates in more than 1/6 of the total council vacancies.

What to do about standing as a non-target candidate?

As the closing date for return of nominations papers for candidates is the 4th April  you need to contact your local party as soon as possible:

  • Contact your local party to let them know you wish to become a paper candidate, and they will discuss with you which ward or county division you could stand in and then help with the paperwork.
  • You don’t have to live in a ward/electoral division in order to be a candidate for that ward, you just need to live in the Council area. However, you will need to gather the signatures of 10 people who live within the ward for which you intend to become a candidate.  The residents that sign your nomination papers must be on the electoral roll. The local party may be able to help you getting these signatures, including from other members of the party who live in that ward/division.
  • You can then simply download the nomination paper work from the electoral commission using this link http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/candidate-or-agent/local-elections-england-and-wales.  You must first fill in your details on the top of the form and then get 10 signatures from registered voters from the ward/division for which you are going to be a candidate and enter the ‘elector number’ for each of these people (found on the electoral register, which the local party election agent has a copy of).
  • Meet with the local party election agent to complete the papers so they can be submitted, ie handed in to the council elections officer at the town hall or civic centre.
  • The papers need to be handed by 27th March which is a few days before the final deadline so that there is a chance to correct any errors that may have crept in.  

If you don't have contact details for your local party, please contact the Regional Coordinator -  Gerhard Lohmann-Bond Lohmann-Bond@live.de , who will provide you with a local party contact.

Please do step forward to join our team of Green candidates for the elections this May – it really isn’t a big time commitment and is absolutely free of charge! But it would make a very valuable contribution as our Co-leaders say in their message above, to the different kind of politics we Greens want to see.

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