Green Party and Lib Dems Join Forces in Broxtowe

4 February 2017

Broxtowe AllianceThe Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have joined forces and agreed not to oppose, but rather endorse each other in Broxtowe at this year's County Council election in May.  Councillors have claimed that this is the first time that the two parties have decided to do this in Nottinghamshire.

Liberal Democrats will not be standing in Conservative wards Kimberley and Nuthall, and Brinsley and Greasley, but instead backing the Green Party which will stand in their place.  In return, the Green Party will not be standing in Liberal Democrat wards Stapleford and Broxtowe Central, and Bramcote Beeston North. Instead, the party will be backing the Lib Dem candidates.

Kat Boettge, who will be standing for the Green Party in Kimberley and Nuthall said, “We are living in turbulent times; sadly Labour is struggling whilst the Conservatives are destroying our country. Public services suffer from severe cuts, putting local councils in real difficulties.  The environmental agenda is largely ignored. We offer a real alternative to the politics today. However getting into the county Council is difficult for smaller parties like us.

“Locally the Lib Dems share greatly our policies.  It therefore makes complete sense to not split votes in divisions where we have limited chance of getting in.  So the Lib Dems are not opposing us in two divisions where we have a better standing (although one of these is Kimberley and Nuthall which has been held by a retiring Lib Dem councillor) and we offer the same in two other divisions, so we are not losing too much.  In the remaining divisions both parties will stand but both will continue to be respectful during the campaign.

“This is a positive step for doing politics differently; we stand for co-operation and focussing on shared policies, rather than tribalism and divisions. We think this is exactly what the country needs.  Hopefully this can be the beginning of future collaborations.”

Tim Hallam, who will be standing for the Liberal Democrats in Stapleford and Broxtowe Central, added: "I am completely for it. Our manifesto is almost identical for the county council. Nationally there are some differences. We would not implement this on a national level, just local. It should not be about the colour of your rosette, it should be about policies and if they are identical, why fight for each other's voters and why not combine our efforts?"

Picture from Nottingham Post. 

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