Air Quality Monitors Fitted in Wellingborugh

29 January 2017

Air Quality Monitoring TeamGreen Party activists, Steve Miller and Jonathan Hornett, visited Wellingborough this morning and helped to fit two air quality monitors on one the town’s busiest road junctions. Together with David Feary from The Broad Green Community Association, one monitor was fitted on the drainpipe between 38/39 Broad Green and one on the other side of the road on the drainpipe at 37.

David was shown how to replace them, how to record the result dates and informed where to send them for analysis.  Along with Jonathan Hornett, a local Green Party member who lives close to Broad Green, they will be doing this on a monthly basis.

Another monitor has been installed by Wellingborough Borough Council three months ago and they are taking readings every month and have two readings for November and December 2016.

Fixing an Air Quality MonitorCatherine Somerville, Team Leader for Environmental Protection at Wellingborough Borough Council, stated in an email “This information in itself will however not provide us with enough detailed information.  In order to gain an accurate view on the air quality of an area, it is recommended that NO2 tube monitoring is carried out over a full year. This is because findings are assessed against the UK annual mean NO2 objective, not monthly figures.  Nitrogen Dioxide tubes often show seasonal variation, so it is also recommended that a survey includes at least three winter and summer months. “

A Green Party MonitorJonathan Hornett said “Let’s face it, there are only two ways in which we are going to improve the level of Air Quality across Wellingborough, particularly in the areas like Broad Green that are really seeing the problem.  We need to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and we need to reduce the amount of emissions that the traffic makes.  To do this we need to take traffic out of Wellingborough by making public transport the better option and we need to divert cars and lorries away from the town’s internal roads. “

“The Northamptonshire Green Party will continue to work with David, Broad Green Community Association and other community groups across the town to improve the air quality in Wellingborough.  We are planning to install further monitors in Midland Road soon, which is another pinch point for traffic locally.”

Steve Miller explains the paperworkSteve Miller Added “Across the country, there are Green Party representatives on Councils, Authorities and Assemblies. They are fighting for greener solutions; pushing for low emission zones in town and city centres, introducing legislation against idling vehicles, providing charging points for electric vehicles, and infrastructure to encourage the uptake of cycling.

Council Air Quality Monitor“We need to get people to use public transport by encouraging more routes and by increasing the number of bus lanes across the town. Instead the County Council confirmed in their 2016 budget that they would be cutting bus subsidies. And rather than just encouraging people to drive cleaner vehicles, we need to follow the examples of cities like London and look at setting up a Low Emission Zones. “

David and Steve admire the council monitor“There is considerable evidence of a link between levels of Nitrogen Dioxide and certain respiratory illnesses.  In 2015, the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants told us that evidence associating NO2 with health effects has strengthened substantially in recent years and we now think that, on the balance of probability, NO2 itself is responsible for some of the health impact found to be associated with incidence and prevalence of disease in studies.”

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