Love Trumps Hate: Lincoln Green Party joins mass action against the far right

22 January 2017

BannerLincoln Green Party dropped a large banner from the footbridge in the city as part of Bridges Not Walls ( which saw protests across the world on Friday (January 20) in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Bridges Not Walls is a worldwide action where banners where dropped from iconic bridges across the world. Their messages were rejecting the rise of the far right, expressing solidarity with marginalised groups and standing up to the politics of hate.

The banner drop was open to anyone to attend and attracted a group of over 20 people and local media attention too!  Fiona McKenna, Lincoln Green Party Coordinator, said:

Protestors“Trump’s election was a shock to people across the world, including here in Lincoln. In the past year we have seen hate crime rising and communities divided as the far right has grown. Lincoln Green Party will always take a stand for compassion and equality. We were all really proud to be part of the Bridges Not Walls movement and to spread hope to those who are genuinely scared about what the future holds for them. Along with the amazing women’s marches on Saturday we should all be feeling very inspired and assured that we can make change happen when we all work together. “

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

Placard“The Green Party will always fight the politics of hate, which is why we’re really proud to be part of Bridges Not Walls. For millions around the world, the election of Trump was a moment of true despair. And here in the UK, we’ve seen similar forces of division unleashed by a horrific, hateful EU referendum campaign.

“That’s why we’re joining people across the UK to mark the beginning of Trump’s presidency with both resistance and optimism. We’re determined to make 2017 a year of hope – of building bridges instead of walls.”

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