Fracking in Sherwood Forest

17 January 2017

The Nottingham Green Party was delighted to be able to support the protest against fracking in Sherwood Forest on Saturday 7 th January.

The afternoon’s gathering was arranged at late notice by Friends of the Earth, in collaboration with Frack Free Nottinghamshire. It was in direct relation to a request made by FotE under the Freedom of Information Act, regarding the chemical company INEOS’s communications with the Forestry Commission. It appears that INEOS are currently discussing the potential to seismically test huge swathes of the land in the area, for presence of fossil fuels. It is recognised as the first step in the development of fracking.

Over 200 people came together to hear a variety of speakers, from a range of local community anti-fracking and other campaign groups, as well as Friends of the Earth.

Ellie Mitchell, Campaigns Officer for Nottingham Green Party said: “The afternoon was a fantastic show of solidarity amongst people from all walks of life, from across the country. However, while it was amazing to see so many people want to protect the iconic site of Sherwood Forest, it’s important to recognise that this dirty technology also threatens anywhere it is proposed. People who oppose it need to support the groups in their locality. This fight is just beginning, and stories like the one in Sherwood are currently springing up all around the country.”

The Green Party think that the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire should be made aware of the threat that fracking poses in the County in general and in the beauty spot of Sherwood Forest. In our opinion Notts County Council should be doing everything in their power to block it.

The public should not be misled by the claims that this will solve our energy problems. It will divert crucial investment away from renewable energy. There should be no mistake about this. Fracking prolongs our use of fossil fuels, worsening the impending climate change crisis. The process itself can release methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas. It also uses large amounts of water mixed with carcinogenic chemicals which have the potential to pollute the environment, including our own drinking water.

In the USA there is a word for the very common accidents in fracking fields. It is “fracident”. We must not get even close to having fracidents in Notts. The Green Party are totally opposed to the development of Fracking wherever and whenever it is proposed.

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