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Leicester West - Ani Goddard






















"I am standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party because I believe that the greatest issue facing our world today is the climate crisis. Our response to human destruction of our planet should not merely be one of a list of policies, nor should it just be a footnote in the UK's political story. Instead, it should inform how we plan for the future: how we exercise foreign policy; how we farm; how we invest in infrastructure. Although there are many important political disputes occurring around Brexit in the UK right now, we risk losing sight of another even larger issue: the destruction of our world through deforestation, plastic pollution and of course climate change. "

"Since its inception, the Green Party has consistently represented the climate crisis as a matter of immense importance and as of the release of its manifesto, it is the only party with a green policy that will make the UK a trailblazer among nations in reaching forwards into an eco-friendly future." 

"As a youth striker I am happy to accept that I am not the most experienced parliamentary candidate out there. However, time is short - by the time I'm older, if we haven't introduced significant policy changes to limit our carbon output, decrease our plastic usage and protect our wildlife, it will be too late. The climate crisis is the single universal problem which we all face. By standing for the Greens, I want to help make the politicians to whom we have entrusted control of this country aware that tackling climate change is a matter of universal concern. They must treat it such."