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Leicester South - Mags Lewis


"I am standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, because It has never been more important to offer a green choice to voters. 

We face climate crisis, growing inequality and a disorderly Brexit , whilst much of the promised action from companies and politicians has been to date little more than warm words. Faced with this political and corporate indifference, the Green Party offer hope, ambitious but realistic solutions, and offer us a chance to hold our leaders to account.

I want to stand as MP on our clear political  and pro remain platform. I am standing to spread our green message and demands for collective climate action.  I am standing to pressurise incumbent MPs to green up, ensure legally binding climate protections are put in place and enforced, or step aside. 

Since moving to Leicester in 2001 to take up a business management role at UHL, I’ve a proven track record in local community action, and have been an active member of the Green Party for over twelve years. I am the Party’s spokesperson for Disability issues. I’ve stood for office in the past; despite our unfair first past the post system people want to vote green, as they can see the massive changes made by dynamic Green Party councillors, parliamentarians and MEPs. I am honoured to stand for the Green Party and if elected it would be my privilege to represent, the people of Leicester South"