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Grantham and Stamford - Anne Gayfer

Anne Gayfer

My motivation for standing in this election is that I can no longer stand by and watch the environment being trashed and live with myself if I do not do anything to try to prevent it. Key to this decision, was my daughter saying, “I just want to live somewhere quietly and happily with my partner. I can't have any children as I cannot be sure about their future”.

I have plenty of relevant experience, having worked on legislation and with Ministers. I’ve managed housing improvement programmes, researched water quality issues for the EU Drinking Water Directive, liaised with local government to close loopholes in capital expenditure legislation and was involved in drafting the poll tax and council tax legislation.

I developed and managed the regional climate change programme, liaising with the 46 local authorities in the East Midlands to identify and roll out best practice in reducing carbon emissions and being more resilient to climate change, which we experience through severe weather events. Sadly this work started to fall apart when austerity kicked in.

I am now a reflexologist and have a wide and varied volunteer portfolio, but including the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and running a biodiversity group.

So why would you vote for me? If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I work really hard. And I always get things done. Our national policies would have amazing positive impacts locally. My local priorities include: - holding the local authority to account over its plans and decisions that impact on the quality of housing and flooding, impacts on small businesses, markets and roads - pressing the County Council to make cycle and walking routes safe, so cars are not essential for the school run - stopping cars and school buses idling their engines outside schools - hospitals and GP surgeries, inadequate already, and we have an increasing population - service providers working together so that the elderly and the vulnerable do not fall through the cracks.