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One more Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative MP won't make a big difference, but a Green MP could make the world of difference.  Support the Green Party now and help to elect the first ever Green MP in the East Midlands.

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We always welcome volunteers to help with our campaigning work. Could you help deliver our newsletters to your street, or go out with our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns?

We are particularly keen to find more volunteers with fundraising experience, press, research and administrative skills. Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.



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If you don't have much spare time at the moment, but would still like to help, why not make a donation? Your donation will help us to produce more literature for the European Elections.


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The East Midlands Green Party is one of the fastest growing regional Green Parties in the country.  To make sure that we can continue to grow and to support the work of our members across the region; please email for more information about ways you can get involved or how you can donate.


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Our values

We stand for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that.  We think ‘Fair is Worth Fighting For' on many issues including:

Community - Greens campaign to revitalise our communities and want to save public services from cuts.

Education -  We would ensure education is free, including school meals.

Environment - Greens will make it easier to recycle and compost household waste and help you reduce your waste.

Transport -  We will prioritise schemes for pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail travel.

Health - Greens want publicly run care that is properly funded, free at the point of use for all.

Surge in Membership

In November 2014 we had 1244 Green Party members in our region.  In January 2015 we had 1578. We now have 2246 Green Party members in our region!

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