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Gedling - Jim Norris

Jim Norris

I am standing in Gedling because I have lived in the Constituency for 24 years and care about it. I regard myself as an environmentalist and believe that Gedling has much to worry about in the environmental crisis facing us all. I am the Chair of the Gedling Local Group of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and, after many years on the Committee of the Gedling Group of the Ramblers Association I am now the Nottinghamshire Area Chair.

I share with the Green Party a profound belief that the key issue in this election is Climate Change. I am encouraged and pleased that other political parties have, at last, grasped the importance of this. But only the Green Party is offering a strategy and plan aimed at a comprehensive restructuring of the economy to ensure that the impact of climate change is minimised and that we can all continue to lead decent, prosperous lives in the new circumstances.

As someone with a Degree in Economics fro Nottingham University, I totally repudiate the use of austerity as an economic and social tool. The resulting unnecessary poverty and misery it has caused demonstrate to me that it must never be repeated.

I am a believer in Europe and believe that to leave the EU is a mistake which we would all regret. Apart from anything else I do not think that the gathering environmental disaster is any time to be distancing ourselves from a major international institution. The whole world needs to work together. And we all need to recognise the very real threats posed to our NHS from doing trade deals with the USA!