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Election Candidates 2015

An Election message from Natalie Bennett

Natalie BennettThese are exciting times for the Green Party. Membership is soaring and our polling was at record levels.

Our ambition needs to match the possibilities. The Green Party nationally focused on 12 General Election, setting a target of winning, coming second, or setting a foundation for winning in 2020. We also aimed to increase councillors by 20%.

Success of course brings challenges. We’ve seen the Labour Party set up a unit specially to take us on, and expect to see attacks emerging from that.

All regions are seeing a remarkable growth in membership, in the East Midlands membership has more than doubled this year. 

With this growth comes a growth in what is expected of us.  We have a great opportunity, it is now up to us to take it.  But for that, I need your help. Please offer what you can today. Let us know how you could help, and please consider a donation, so that our funds can match our ambition.

MP of the year Caroline Lucas: 'If we had more MPs, just imagine what we could achieve'

The Election Campaign in the East Midlands and Candidates for 2015

We selected candidates for most of the parliamentary seats and the local elections that both took place on 7th May 2015.  Click here for a full list of our Parliamentary Candidates in the East Midlands.  Click here for a list of results from the General Election.  Click here for a full list of Local Council Candidates.  For more information and offers of help contact Sue Ledger, East Midlands Elections Coordinator:


Our values

We stand for a fairer society, and making the green option the easiest and cheapest one is part of that.  We think ‘Fair is Worth Fighting For' on many issues including:

Community - Greens campaign to revitalise our communities and want to save public services from cuts.

Education -  We would ensure education is free, including school meals.

Environment - Greens will make it easier to recycle and compost household waste and help you reduce your waste.

Transport -  We will prioritise schemes for pedestrians, cyclists, bus and rail travel.

Health - Greens want publicly run care that is properly funded, free at the point of use for all.