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Derby North - Helen Hitchcock

Climate change is a real and present threat to our lives and the lives and futures of our children. I have always been aware of environmental issues and made personal choices that reflect that; but over the last ten years it has become clear that individual actions, whilst important, are not enough.

Massive, concerted and long term changes need to be made both nationally and in cooperation with other countries. It has also become very obvious that none of the large political parties have the expertise or the will to make those changes.

I’m standing for the Green Party because I want to give the voters of Derby North the opportunity to choose a party that puts the most important challenge of our time first. Whilst being most concerned about climate change, I am also standing to offer the chance for a vote on Brexit that takes into account what we know now about how it will affect local manufacturing and employment.

In my professional life, I have contributed to the cultural life of Derby through performance and teaching the violin. The Green Party plans to use well-being and quality of life as the measure for the success of the country over GDP, valuing people beyond what they can offer to business.

I am standing for a party that shares my ideals of social justice, of working towards ensuring well-being and dignity for all.