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Chesterfield - Neil Jackson


Neil Jackson - Chesterfield

I am standing as an election candidate for the Green Party for the same reasons  I originally joined the party: the climate emergency and Brexit.

I am massively concerned for ours and future generations; the climate emergency needs urgent cross-party action with firm commitments for the UK to be carbon neutral by 2030 as a starting point. We need strong leadership to fully acknowledge the scale of the challenge we face and treat it as the critical emergency it already is. Fossil fuels need to stay in the ground and we need to halt huge expensive projects such as HS2 and the Silverlink crossing to focus more on clean, sustainable transport with free public transport, full electrification of the rail network and more investment in cycle infrastructure.

I am lucky enough to have grown up in a tolerant, safe, prosperous environment in a historically wealthy country. The hard-fought progress made towards a fairer, open society has however been set back decades by the Tories, and 9 years of austerity have devastated the lives and opportunities of millions of people. This is wrong and desperately needs to be fixed and the Green Party are the most capable and committed party to achieve this.

As a father with a young daughter who is not yet at school I believe the very fact that our children are striking to raise awareness of the climate emergency should be headline news constantly.

In short, I am standing for the Green Party so when my daughter (and nephews, and godson, and anyone else in future generations) asks, “If you knew what you knew, when there was still time to act, what did you do?” , I can tell them I did everything I could.